Intelligrated pick-to-light system for dynamic pick face

by Array

CINCINNATI: Intelligrated has released the Real Time Solutions Trak3 xD and Trak3 xL extended display pick-to-light system. The Trak3 xD and xL system offers dynamic, dual-shelf pick face and replenishment slotting capability, Intelligrated said. The new system is ideal for dense flow rack picking and put applications or merchandise operations requiring dynamic slotting.

The Trak3 xD extended display pick-to-light systems provide end-to-end shelf coverage for a dynamic pick face, the company said. The systems can slot product widths ranging from one inch to several feet and feature dual shelf configuration for independent upper and lower shelf slotting. The Trak3 xD system maximizes SKU density, decreases storage cost per SKU and increases picks per foot. Additionally, multicolor hardware unique to the Trak3 family enables multiple order fillers per zone, simultaneous filling of multiple orders or the ability to direct operators to perform value-added services.

Intelligrated also offers the Trak3 xL, a companion device that automatically adjusts replenishment slotting based on pick face changes, dramatically increasing replenishment accuracy.

Through Real Time Solutions order fulfillment software, these systems can automatically or manually slot product based on SKU velocities and physical space availability. Managing stores and SKUs in real time, the software also dynamically allocates product from the receiving dock and allows supervisors to manage multi-picker workflows and track individual order filler productivity.

“Trak3 xD and xL devices from Intelligrated are the first and only pick-to-light hardware to offer dynamic pick face configuration with dual shelf capability,” said Jerry Koch, director, corporate marketing and product management, Intelligrated. “Although some fulfillment solutions are limited by rigid and fixed hardware, the latest Real Time Solutions system provides maximum flexibility while maintaining accuracy, enabling our customers to adjust on an hourly, daily or weekly basis for efficient order fulfillment.”