Interroll debuts customer loyalty program

by MM&D Online Staff

Sant’Antonino, Switzerland– In collaboration with partners, system integrators and OEMs, Interrolls’s new customer loyalty program, “Rolling On Interroll”, is aimed at raising awareness among customers of the critical importance of high-quality key components when it comes to material handling machine and plant engineering.

Each individual component in a material handling facility is, of course, important. But some key components, such as rollers and drives, are more mission-critical than others. For example, a drum motor in a meat-processing plant is only a small component in a much larger system, but is absolutely critical to smooth throughput and reliable plant operations.

“Rolling On Interroll” is aimed at helping customers for whom Interroll products represent a critical success factor in their systems.

This strategic program underscores Interroll’s business model as a neutral provider of key products that are based on open platforms in material handling and logistics operations. Interroll is committed to acting as a strong partner for plant and machinery design and construction companies worldwide.

“Many customers have been counting on us for years, if not decades, and trust the quality of our products. With ‘Rolling On Interroll,’ we want them to benefit from our expertise even more,” said Jens Karolyi, Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Culture for Interroll Group. “This could be by participating in training courses at our academy, attending joint workshops with our product managers, or making the most of further benefits they are familiar with from other loyalty programs. This program is mainly intended for medium-sized OEMs and system integrators who are committed to using our products in mission-critical applications because they know they are absolutely the best available.”