Kardex Remstar offers solution for auto dealerships

by MM&D Online Staff

KR_185SXP-HHKardex Remstar now offers a certified interface for ADP and Reynolds & Reynolds (Automatic Data Processing Inc. and Reynolds and Reynolds Co., are rivals and the leaders in the automotive dealership technology space) for improved parts management in automotive dealerships. Integrating Power Pick Global inventory management software directly with the DMS (Dealer Management System) delivers a fast, reliable and efficient parts inventory management system. This plug and play interface allows for automatic synchronizations between databases, increases worker productivity and improves inventory accuracy and tracking all from one workstation.

This seamless interface requires orders to be entered only once, usually from the service counter. Order information is sent in real-time from ADP or Reynolds & Reynolds to Power Pick Global for picking. Parts are picked from either a Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval system, such as a Shuttle Vertical Lift Module or Megamat RS vertical carousel, or standard shelving with bins and containers.

When utilizing automation, Power Pick Global moves the unit to deliver all parts within an order. Parts are brought directly to an operator at an ergonomic work station. Pick to light technology, such as Transaction Information Center (TIC) lights, directs the operator to the exact pick location and displays pertinent order information such as the part number, part description and quantity to pick. Eliminating the operator walking and searching for partsĀ  increases worker productivity.

Integrating Power Pick Global with a DMS allows for the part databases to be synchronized automatically. This includes part additions, deletions and supersessions. The physical inventory module also allows a selection of a random sampling of parts to count as well as specify a value for high dollar parts to count. This reduces the time to process physical inventory from weeks to days. With the click of a button, stock levels can be uploaded to the DMS from Power Pick Global, improving the accuracy of inventory on hand.

Power Pick Global generates reconciliation reports both on-screen or in printed hard copy. Inventory discrepancies can be reviewed daily or on demand as needed. Tracking these discrepancies in Power Pick Global and the DMS is seamless.

Power Pick Global can manage multiple work zones with both automation and manual storage systems. The new interface between Power Pick Global and ADP and Reynolds & Reynolds DMS systems helps dealerships increase productivity and improve accuracy and tracking. With automatic synchronization between databases, a single workstation provides instant access to inventory levels, reports and parts on hand.