KNAPP views reality in an augmented fashion

by Array

NUREMBURG, Germany—A designer and manufacturer of sunglasses and eyeglass frames is using the latest in eyewear to improve the picking efficiency in its warehouse.

The Michael Pachleitner Group has deployed six KiSoft Vision sets from Knapp AG. The augmented reality devices are designed to give picking directions to warehouse workers. The system consists of head-mounted, see-through camera displays and corresponding micro-cameras mounted over the displays which detect where the operator is looking.

The system software then overlays information on the worker’s see-through display. Knapp describes the process as enhancing the “picture with additional information and illustrations: the real surroundings and the optical information seem to blend into each other. In the same work step, KiSoft Vision also registers and checks serial numbers and lot IDs in barcodes and data matrix codes.”

Arrows and turn-by-turn directions (similar to those in automotive GPS systems) are also displayed to direct the pickers to each picking area by the shortest route possible.

Michael Pachleitner CFO, Neil Lambert, is quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying he was pleased with the technology.

“We were skeptical in the beginning,” he said, adding “it was a nice surprise to see that it works.”

Knapp says the devices can be used as standalone technology or they can integrated with existing picking systems.