Low-profile plastic pallet

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Orbis Corporation has added the new 40 48-inch Odyssey Low Profile (LP) pallet to its reusable plastic pallet offerings.

This pallet was designed to provide repeatable performance with automated equipment. With the same stability and unique features of the original 40 x 48 Odyssey pallet, the new low-profile 5.6-inch height aims to bring the added benefit of seamlessly integrating with alternate pallets in existing pallet pools. 

The Odyssey LP pallet has steel reinforcements and molded-in frictional elements that minimize load shifting, product load damage and pallet slippage off material handling equipment. Designed to carry edge-racked loads of more than 2,800 pounds, this pallet also is equipped with comfortable handholds for easy manual handling. 

“The efficient handling of palletized product in automated systems is key to building an effective, economical and sustainable supply chain,” said Alison Zitzke, senior product manager.

“In designing the new low-profile version of the Odyssey pallet, we wanted to keep the superior benefits of the original design while also providing our customers a lower profile height to fit more product in a truck, reduce transportation costs and provide consistent pallet performance in automated systems.”

The Odyssey LP pallet replaces wood pallets in the supply chain to reduce environmental waste while also providing a durable and reliable solution for product transportation and storage. This pallet offers smooth plastic surfaces that are free of nails and splinters, protecting product loads and minimizing equipment downtime due to warehouse debris.

The pallet’s flow-through hygienic design is easily cleanable. This pallet was designed for a variety of applications from general food processing and dry goods to agriculture, raw materials and finished goods. 

The Odyssey LP pallet also can be fully recycled at the end of its useful life through the Recycle with Orbis program, offering credit on recycled products for future packaging purchases.