Recyclable pick faces

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Pallite is introducing a recyclable lightweight pick face, and bringing manufacturing to North America with a plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Pallite Pix is a range of lightweight, flexible storage and shelving units designed for the changing demands of the modern warehouse. This range of modular storage units can be designed to each customer’s individual requirements to maximize warehouse space.

No tools

Constructed from honeycomb board, Pix units can be built in minutes without tools. Interchangeable dividers allow users to introduce multiple additional pick faces to suit product needs and eliminate dead space. Lightweight and forklift compatible, the units come fitted with pallet feet to allow easy movement.

Customers can choose from an extensive standard range or opt for a tailor-made solution, allowing them to specify units that meet their own space or pick-face requirements. One major UK retailer required 9,000 pick-faces quickly to cope with their expanding e-commerce sales. Pallite designed custom units with 96 pick locations per unit for delivery within two weeks. The customer was able to build all units on site within eight hours.

The recent addition of an angled shelf unit allows customers to specify a picking solution that solves the problem of items sliding out the front of the pick-face. Each shelf has a smooth edge applied for labelling to allow for items to be easily identified to improve pick accuracy.

The Pix range is strong enough to hold up to up to 1,100 lb. per unit and remains lightweight to protect teams from manual handling injuries.

“Consumer demands are ever-changing, and supply chains are always under pressure to squeeze the asset against headwinds. With shifts in sales density and store sizes changing, labour and fuel inflation, as well as more dynamic consumers, it is more important than ever to focus on more flexible use of space and improving productivity,” said Iain Hulmes, Pallite Group CEO.

Pallite will be launching Pix at MODEX in March.