MODEX 2012: SSI Schaefer showcases hanging sorter

by Array

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: SSI Schaefer is using Modex to launch its Fulfilment Factory into the North American market.

Originally a hanging garment sorter, the system has been adapted to handle any products or merchandise that can be handled on a moving hook system with interchangeable bins, such as consumer electronics, books, pharmaceuticals, and of course, flat or hanging garments, as long as they weigh under 5kg.

SSI’s Nick Klein Schiphorst describes the product that can serve both “the B2B and the B2C customer out of the same DC.”

The system moves 5,000 hooks per hour and the inductor rate is 1,800 per hour.

Even though the operator must scan items one at a time before depositing them in the bins or on the hooks, Klein Schiphorst says the system can accommodate large quantity picks.

He added the advantage to the system is that it can group and sequence the items for each order, so for example, all the products being shipped to one store can be grouped, and then sorted alphabetically.