Monitoring for reefer fleets

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Carrier Transicold has rolled out new capabilities for its digital platform, now rebranded as Lynx Fleet.

The new Lynx Fleet offering adds an at-a-glance view of refrigerated truck and trailer performance parameters.

Formerly called eSolutions, Lynx Fleet for North America’s refrigerated trucks and trailers is part of Carrier’s award-winning Lynx global ecosystem, which applies advanced internet of things (IoT) analytics, machine learning and various big data technologies to connect the cold chain in the cloud, automate key processes and deliver visibility and insights throughout the cargo’s journey.

From temperatures maintained in cargo areas to refrigeration equipment performance, Lynx Fleet monitors and collects scores of inputs from every asset – thousands of data-points fleetwide.

Prioritized based on customer input, the initial rollout provides key insights:

  • Low Fuel Level – Provides visibility to refrigeration units that require fuel, helping to avoid emergency call outs for refueling and engine priming.
  • Low Battery Voltage – Identifies the number of units in service that may have battery issues, which could result in an emergency call out if not addressed soon.
  • Active Shutdown Alarm – Alerts to critical alarm conditions that will cause a refrigeration unit to shut down, helping fleets to prevent load loss.
  • Door Metrics – Assists fleet in understanding the number of times cargo doors are opened over a period of time to help manage fuel costs and temperature-control issues.
  • Asset Run Hours – Helps fleets balance asset usage and manage maintenance based on engine run hours and other factors.

Over time, fleets will be able to customize their dashboards to display whichever pieces of information are most essential to their operations.

Hardware used with the Lynx Fleet platform is factory installed on Carrier Transicold X4 series and Vector 8000 series trailer and rail refrigeration units. Dealer commissioning and data plan are required. The Lynx Fleet “monitor and enhanced control” data plan includes the diagnostic dashboard and insights, along with premium capabilities for data downloads, remote software updates and more.

Lynx Fleet data can be shared with most major transportation management systems (TMS). For fleets with custom data platforms, Carrier Transicold offers growing API (application programming interface) capabilities that facilitate the integration and display of data collected by Lynx Fleet.