Moving-mast forktrucks

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Toyota Material Handling (TMH) is introducing a new line of electric reach trucks.

Moving Mast Reach Trucks use an innovative mast design, a tilting cab option, and an optional transparent roof that delivers visibility with minimal load view obstruction. Available 360-degree or 180-degree steering improve maneuverability.  

“At Toyota, we are always looking for innovative ways to address our customers’ evolving needs,” said Bill Finerty, TMH senior vice president of sales.

“We recognize that warehouses continue to build upward due to space constraints, and traditional solutions may not fit every application. These new Moving Mast Reach Trucks offer solutions for evolving warehousing challenges by enhancing ergonomics for operators working at higher lift heights and offering the versatility to work indoors and out.” 

The reach trucks are available in six models – including an indoor/outdoor model – with lift capacities ranging from 1,400 to 5,500 pounds and lift heights up to 43 feet.

All Toyota Moving Mast Reach Truck models come standard with an interactive touchscreen display with optional functions like lift height display and warnings for overload, a fully adjustable operator compartment, and an intuitive right-hand console that allows the operator to choose between fingertip controls and multifunction controls for optimal comfort and productivity.  

The optional tilting operator compartment enhances overall ergonomics for high-level applications.

The Indoor/Outdoor Moving Mast Reach Truck is equipped with durable tires and high ground clearance to accommodate rough surfaces, and includes multiple options such as a panoramic roof to meet each customer’s unique needs.  

“We are driven to offer warehouse solutions that improve customer productivity and positively contribute to their bottom line,” said Tony Miller, TMH senior vice-president of operations and engineering.

“Our customers have asked for sustainable, versatile products with state-of-the-art features, and we believe these new models fit that bill. Our unique Moving Mast Reach Trucks allow customers to work smarter and keep the warehouse in motion with high-performance electric solutions.” 

The all-new Toyota Moving Mast Reach Truck line are backed by the Toyota 360 Support promise.