New cheese container from Buckhorn

by Array

Milford, OHIO: Buckhorn, a provider of reusable plastic packaging systems, has acquired tooling assets and intellectual property from Material Improvements L.P. for a new reusable plastic container used in producing, shipping, storing and processing bulk natural cheese. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“This product line is a natural fit for Buckhorn,” said vice-president and GM Joel Grant. “It will help customers build more efficient operations, reduce supply chain costs and improve hygiene. This focus on technology and innovation is what makes Buckhorn the leading source for reusable packaging and material handling solutions.”

Buckhorn’s new plastic 640 Container has a 24” x 30” x 37” footprint and a 710lb. fill capacity. It reduces waste and improves sanitation and quality by replacing wood boxes, which can splinter and contaminate cheese during the material handling process. The container reduces cool down to 40 degrees within seven days, thereby minimizing cold storage requirements and producing more consistent cheese from the core to the outside surface.

The container doesn’t require refurbishment between uses and is designed for easy cleaning by industrial washing, said Buckhorn. Its smooth, polished surface makes cleaning easy, while the plastic resin resists deterioration caused by temperature, sanitizers, washes or lactic acid. Its stacked stainless steel leaf springs are quickly added during assembly, providing a straighter lid compression and eliminating the wasted time experienced with untwisting coil springs.

No horizontal banding of the container is required, Buckhorn said. The design of the 640 Container is compatible with industry manufacturing processes including dolly and forklift transport, automation, vacuum chambers, inverters, packaging and weighing. It’s interchangeable and stackable with plywood boxes. The 640 Container will stack six high, and 470 collapsed containers will fit in 53’ truck versus 363 wood containers, providing more efficient return shipment.