New modular conveyor platform

by MM&D Online Staff

Sant’Antonino, Switzerland—Interroll will be presenting its newly developed modular conveyor platform for the first time at CeMAT in Hanover.

According to Dr. Ralf Garlichs, executive vice-president products & technology, the new platform represents “the largest product introduction in the history of Interroll and a milestone for the company.” With its new platform, Interroll now offers ways to shorten the planning and installation phase and thus significantly reduce delivery times. Flexibility in retrofitting an existing system is yet another benefit.

The new platform offers technology for high-performance and yet extremely quiet operation with a 24 volt RollerDrive. Nevertheless, customers are also able to select a 400 volt RollerDrive which was optimised for high conveying velocity. Zero pressure accumulation is yet another key feature. Interroll offers a modular, flexible approach that it says is quick and easy to install.

The innovation consists not only of the new product development itself, the process development ranging from manufacturing and assembly to shipping and even customer service are also part of the new platform.

The platform will gradually be introduced in America and Asia, starting in 2015.