New product: Low drop lift table

by Array

PORTLAND, Maine—Southworth Products’ LiftMat is a lift table that offers an optional diamond-plated ramp so workers can feed it or offload it with a hand pallet truck or rolling cart.

According to the manufacturer, the lift table is designed to accommodate any type of skid or pallet, including closed-bottom designs.

At its lowest point, the LiftMat descends to a height of 8cm (3.25in) above the floor. Its maximum raised height is 80cm (31.5in). The table is rasied or lowered through the use of a powered foot switch, a handheld push-button remote, or a wall-mounted switch. It comes standard with a full-perimeter, auto-stop safety toe guard to stop the table from descending if it encounters any obstructions.

The LiftMax is available in 15 platform sizes from 61cm by 152cm (24in by 60in) to 122cm by 183cm (48in by 72in) in 15cm (6in) increments of width and/or height. Maximum capacity for the lift table is 1,000kg (2,200lbs).

It is made of structural steel and its pivot points have lifetime-lubricated bearings.

The LiftMax can be purchased with an optional portability package which includes two fixed wheels at end of the base frame and a skid spotter with steel wheels.