New product: Mobile and stationary fuel storage container

by Array

EDMONTON, Alberta—The TransTainer from Western Environmental Canada is a dual-purpose fuel container. It has been approved by ULC for use as a stationary storage unit and by Transport Canada as a mobile tank to transport fuel by road, rail or sea.

TransTainers come in three models: 200TT-CAB-IMDG which holds 18,500 litres, 100TT-IMDG which holds 8,750 liters, and the 200TT-IMDG which holds 20,000 liters.

They have a full double wall construction with internal baffles to prevent fuel surges and increase stability. TransTainers are stackable six high when full. They are built with corner twist locks on the top and bottom and come standard with forklift pockets. There is access on top of the tank for maintenance and cleaning.

TransTainer container pumps are located inside the secondary containment area as an environmental safeguard. There are options for four sets of feed and return connections and pump/auxiliary equipment feed. Contents are measured by a magnetic gauge. Additional security fuel lines can be fed through access holes, enabling the doors to be locked while the tank is in use.