New product: Omnichannel inventory optimizer

by MM&D staff

DAYTON, Ohio—The latest release of Teradata Corp’s Teradata Demand Chain Management allows supply chain managers to take a flowcasting approach to managing inventory levels.

The software is designed to pull information about demand at the store and SKU level and send it up the chain to vendors and manufacturers with the goal of eliminating out-of-stocks and reducing inventory carrying costs. It also incorporates historical performance data and seasonal trends into its inventory management and replenishment strategies.

Demand Chain Management supports time-phased automated replenishment and allocation functionality for multiple DC order levels as well as flow-through order replenishment and allocation. It has been created to support multi-echelon and omnichannel operations.

The software is implemented in a componentized fashion with the following modules available:

  • allocation
  • automated replenishment
  • capacity planning
  • contribution
  • demand forecasting
  • seasonal profiling
  • intelligent product introduction
  • time phased replenishment
  • promotions management

Each module offers a range of choices and functions. The capacity planning module, for example, offers a 65 week view at the cube, case and pallet levels for all locations, and each weekly view can contain all (or a selection) of the following:

  • Rollups at cube, case, pallet and dollars (retail or cost) for all order forecasts, for all locations, for a 65-week planning horizon.
  • A corporate view of all product types for all distribution centres.
  • Distribution centre views for all product types.
  • Conveyable, non-conveyable, pallet and repack picking types.
  • Pallet and bulk storage types.
  • A store level view.
  • A calculation of capacity usage and adjustments needed to stay within capacity.
  • Results displayed in cube, cases and/or pallets quarterly, weekly, or over another specified period.