New product: Reusable, collapsible box substitute

by Array

BLUFFTON, South Carolina—A UK-based producer of multi-use containers is now making its products available on this side of the ocean.

Notbox North America, the South Carolina-headquartered offshoot of The Notbox Company, bills its packaging as an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.

According to the company, the collapsible containers are supposed to be twice as strong as standard tri-walled cardboard boxes, and have been compression tested to hold up to 35kg (77lbs) without bowing or breaking. They are made from recyclable materials, including non-woven polypropylene (which is used as the exterior wrapping).

The company’s other eco-friendly claim is that the production of Notboxes helps reduce carbon emissions. Notbox says, “the manufacturing process of 20 typical-size, single-use cardboard storage boxes produces over 32lbs of C02 emissions. The same size Notbox can be used at least 20 times and produces less than seven pounds of C02 emissions.”

When folded the boxes measure four centimetres (1.5in) in depth. They come in a variety of sizes, colours and configurations. Options include Velcro closures, zippers, shoulder straps, side handles and partitions. Insulated versions can keep contents chilled for up to four hours. All boxes can be branded with corporate logos or graphics.

Thomas Hellman, chair and president of Notbox North America says businesses should expect customers to start demanding greener packaging alternatives.

“Consumers will place a greater value on recyclability and the perceived ‘greenness’ of packaging and increasingly demand proof of sustainability claims, such as lifecycle analysis data and carbon footprint exposure,” he said.

“They want lower costs, fewer toxins, less guilt, and more incentives connected to the products they buy.”

Shelley Slaughter, who is based in British Columbia, is vice-president, North America and has responsibility for the Canadian market.