New product: Soft-top warehousing

by Array

SOUTH HAVEN, Minnesota—Legacy Building Solutions is offering those looking for quick-to-build warehousing space structures made from fabric and steel.

The buildings use structural, solid steel beams to create a rigid framework. According to Legacy, the difference between solid steel and hollow tube steel used in other fabric buildings is the solid pieces aren’t vulnerable to unseen corrosion originating inside the hollow tube.

Options for treating the steel include hot dip galvanizing, or the application of red oxide primer and powder coating.

Legacy offers a choice of fabrics to cover the exterior, including polyethylene or PVC material.

The company says the basic design can be built for stationary use or as a portable solution. As well sidewalls can be customized and built with any desired material —including steel, paneling or siding— and then lined with fabric to prevent corrosion to the interior.

The steel components and fabric covers have a 15-year warranty.