New product: SSI Schaefer LogiMat

by Array

The LogiMat from SSI Schaefer is a storage lift system that allows access to two stacks of trays in one over-sized drawer cabinet.

It is designed to improve the efficiency of picking small parts and can be run as an autonomous system or as part of an automated storage, provisioning and picking operation.

A lift operating between those two stacks (one in the front and one in the rear) pulls out individual trays and delivers them to the service window. The trays come in a wide range of sizes (from 1.07sqm to 3.28sqm) and weights (from 250-kg to 900-kg).

The height of the service window opening is continually adjusted to ensure it is at the correct level for the operator.

The unit is highly customizable and can be fitted to meet the needs of each organization and location. It can, for example, be fitted with a laser pointer system for identification of a picking position, an electrically driven locking door (LogiSafe) for protecting valuable goods, a barrier protection of the opening (LogiGuard) or a slide-out tray (LogiStub).

Likewise, there is a range of software choices available to run the machine, starting with the simplest, LogiSoft Basic and progressing to full client/server architecture in LogiSoft Enterprise.