New product: Tier 4 compliant large lifter

by Array

IRVINE, California—The latest lift truck from Toyota Material Handling USA is powered by a 3.0L four-cylinder diesel engine that puts out 74hp and 221lb-ft of torque.

The Series 8 large lift line can handle loads weighing between 3,630kg (8,000lbs) and 7,940kg (17,500lb). They are powered by 1KD engines that use a common rail fuel injection system combined with a intercooled variable nozzle turbocharger (VNT). The engines work in conjunction with a diesel oxidation catalyst to minimize emissions and particulate matter. They are compliant with the EPA Tier 4 final standard for emissions. According to the Irvine, California-based company, the 1KDs are are 30 percent more fuel efficient than previous Toyota diesel engines.

They come standard with pneumatic tires, a standard load-sensing power steering system, a programmable “auto engine off” feature, which powers the engine down after a set period of time, and an economy (eco) mode that helps extend the truck run time. They also come with Toyota’s system of active stability (SAS) which helps reduce both lateral and longitudinal tipovers, an active control rear stabilizer system and an active mast function controller system. Also standard is a vehicle speed control system.

The Series 8 comes equipped with high-mounted rear lights, located on the overhead guard, and long dual operator assist grips. Options include rear pillar assist grip with a horn button, and a mini-lever hydraulic control with a three-way adjustable armrest.