New shuttle can handle pallets

by MM&D Online Staff

Westbrook, Maine—Storing and retrieving heavy loads or bulky goods generally takes manpower and heavy equipment. With the new Shuttle XP 1000, Kardex Remstar supplies an overhead crane mounted on the unit for easy handling of heavy goods. In addition to crane hanShuttle_XP_1000_Crane_004dling, pallets can also be stored within the Shuttle XP 1000. The integrated crane handling and pallet storage and retrieval capabilities leads to improved efficiency and ergonomics as well as space savings during production and maintenance.

This new Vertical Lift Module (VLM) with integrated crane handling, is intended for the mechanical engineering, automotive, oil and gas and maintenance industries. The integrated crane—unlike a hall crane—is permanently available. This reduces waiting  times for warehouse and production staff, and the need to keep an additional unit on hand for storing and retrieving goods.

Parts can be stored and retrieved at an ergonomic height. The parts are placed directly in the trays of the Shuttle XP 1000 with the help of the crane. The crane is powered electrically and connected to the load profile of the Shuttle XP 1000. It can be maneuvered into position in front of the access opening to pick up the heavy goods from the floor or from a pallet.

The Shuttle XP 1000 also offers the capability to handle full pallet storage. Kardex Remstar claims that thanks to the “pallet to person” principle, throughput can be increased by at least 50 percent. The distances driven and walked by warehouse personnel are cut dramatically and the goods can be found and retrieved more quickly. Mistakes are also avoided when retrieving goods. The Logicontrol machine control system from Kardex Remstar is integrated as standard to facilitate simple and straightforward warehouse management.

The compact design of the dynamic storage system reduces the footprint needed for storage by up to 80 percent. The reclaimed floor space can then be used to expand other revenue-generating activities.

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