Online street-turn services

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Antwerp, Belgium – Maersk has started to offer street turn services in the United States and Canada through the Avantida platform. This represents Avantida’s first step into the US and Canadian markets.

Empty container triangulation, or the interchange of an intermodal container outside of a marine terminal or yard (street turns) removes the extra step of returning an empty to the terminal. With the online platform transport and logistics companies are freed from the administrative hassle of having to request and process street turns manually.

Through the automated request process offered by Maersk, dispatchers and planners requesting street turns will get an accurate, reliable response in a matter of minutes. So not only will they enjoy the time and cost savings of carrying out street turns, they will also benefit from a fully digital process and, undoubtedly, aid in reducing CO2 emissions as these efficiencies help cut unnecessary truck miles.

“Both shipping lines and transporters continue to look for agile, cost-saving tools that can optimize their planning, and our platform has a proven track record of improving efficiency,” said Luc De Clerck, CEO, Avantida.

“The platform has changed the way shipping lines in Europe are doing business, and after our launch in Mexico, it was a natural next step to introduce Avantida to the United States and Canada.”

Today, the Avantida platform is active in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Scandinavia, Switzerland, the UK, Mexico and now the United States and Canada.

Overall, the platform counts on over 4,000 registered companies and facilitates an average of 2,000 transactions a day.