Overhead alarm bar

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
The product is suited to any facility where there is a restriction on height and damage can be caused by impact.

Baltimore, Maryland-based A-Safe Inc., a manufacturer of protective guarding, has launched the Alarm Bar, a tubular unit that responds on impact to protect overhead assets from moving vehicles.

The Alarm Bar is made from a proprietary material that absorbs impact without causing damage. The bar is 78¾ in and has a diameter of 5 in. These are standard dimensions, although bespoke systems are available if ordered in quantities greater than 100.

The 28-pound Alarm Bar is hung from two thin cables towards either end.

It is self-powered, with a 12-volt battery providing more than two years of constant power. Audio and visual alarms alert the operator of contact; two 102dB buzzers sound (the equivalent of a car horn three feet away) for 20 seconds after impact and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) display two red flashing indicator strips that span the length of the bar, lasting for 40 seconds.

The product safeguards doorframes, loading docks, infrastructure, and overhead walkways, as well as key safety assets such as sprinkler systems and ventilation pipes. It is suited to use in temperatures ranging from +41°F to 122°F.