PECO now offering half pallets in Canada

by MM&D Staff

PECO Pallet, Inc is now providing half-size (48- x 20-inch) wood block pallets for its Canadian customers. Pallets can be shipped within 72 hours of order.

The half-size pallet is popular with leading Canadian retailers because its smaller footprint makes it ideal for in-store merchandise displays and end-cap promotions. Grocery and consumer goods manufacturers can build floor-ready product displays on the half-size pallets and ship them directly to retailers to be displayed in stores.

PECO’s distinctive red block pallets are used to ship CPG products and fresh produce across North America. Its distributor network now covers over 90 percent of Canada’s grocery retailers, including Loblaws, Walmart Canada, Sobeys, Metro, and Costco.

Once pallets are empty, they are picked up and returned to a PECO depot, where they are inspected, cleaned, and repaired as needed before being reissued. This sustainable practice helps to reduce waste, cut costs, and improve safety and efficiency throughout the supply chain.

The new PECO half-size pallet is a full four-way, multiple-use block pallet built of responsibly forested North American timber.