Pharmacy inventory management solution

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Tecsys Inc. has extended its Elite Healthcare supply chain execution platform with a consolidated pharmacy inventory management solution.

Integrating visibility and control from the point of reception to the point of use, Tecsys’s consolidated pharmacy inventory management solution extends its consolidated service centre model to pharmaceutical supplies.

“As healthcare supply chain continues to move from functional to strategic, it becomes irreconcilable to operate different legs of the supply chain with patchwork solutions that don’t speak to each other,” explains Chris Jellison, vice-president, pharmacy at Parkview Health.

Tecsys’s consolidated pharmacy inventory management solution enables centralized strategic buying, management of pharmaceutical spend and procurement operations. By employing consolidated service centre supply chain practices, the software helps to manage and mitigate drug shortages, reduces inventory and waste, and streamlines operations, while integrating regulated processes to remain DSCSA compliant and optimize 340B programs.

The pharmaceutical supply chain typically operates in parallel to medical supply management, running siloed processes to track consumption and traceability as well as manage procurement and demand planning. To address this disconnect, progressive health systems are using Tecsys-enabled consolidated service centres (CSCs) to centralize pharmacy operations and consolidate supply chain management strategies.

Tecsys software is able to reconcile discrete datasets and procurement strategies under a common platform, providing centralized control and management of supplies. Consolidated management of a pharmacy’s supply chain allows for cost per case and cost per procedure analyses by factoring in pharmaceutical supplies, helping hospitals to optimize reimbursement programs and enable more strategic sourcing.

Tecsys’ consolidated pharmacy inventory management solution is embedded within the broader Tecsys Elite Healthcare portfolio.