Platform automates invoice process for logistics providers

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

KNNX Corp, a technology solutions company for supply chain and logistics, will offer KNNX Freight in the Coupa App Marketplace, connecting businesses with certified, pre-built solutions. Coupa helps teams collaborate to build more agile and sustainable operations, delivering intelligent and responsible spending strategies to meet company goals.

KNNX Freight integrates with the Coupa platform to extend spend visibility, while helping to improve efficiency and trust between shippers and carriers. This integration makes it possible to process invoices automatically and without errors, leading to substantial freight cost savings and significantly improved relationships between shippers and carriers. Additionally, it allows invoices to be viewed directly within Coupa, streamlining the payment procedure through complete integration.

“With an overwhelming number of invoice disputes in freight the need for a single source of truth that can be shared with all partners is imperative,” said Nigel Pegg, senior vice-president of platform at Coupa. “We’re proud to have KNNX Corp on the Coupa App Marketplace to give our customers even greater automation of freight invoicing to help customers to reduce disputes, payment errors and external auditing.

As a certified Coupa App Marketplace solution, KNNX Freight Invoice Automation meets the requirements established by Coupa through its App Marketplace Partner Program. The App Marketplace Partner Program enables software partners to build complementary solutions that connect into the Coupa platform. Customers benefit by discovering and connecting solutions to optimize their business spend and mitigate business risk while reducing the cost of third-party software integration.

“Connecting KNNX Freight into the Coupa platform gives our customers a streamlined freight invoicing experience and provides a single source of truth for all of the information,” said Francis Lalonde, CCO. “We are proud to be part of the Coupa App Marketplace and a trusted Coupa technology partner. We look forward to our relationship with Coupa to further help customers transform their freight and logistics invoicing process.”