ProMat Product: Modular pallet rack safety netting

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
The netting can be installed without disrupting operations.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Adrian’s Safety Solutions has launched Modular Pallet Rack Safety Netting.

The latest addition to the pallet rack safety line is designed for walkway and work area product fall protection. The modular design allows for overlapping or tiling, so any space can be easily protected right out of the box.

Modular Safety Netting keeps loose items or cartons from falling into a work space or aisleway. It is designed to be installed easily and quickly without retrofitting, tools, or long periods of downtime needed for complicated installation.

This new industrial netting will be manufactured with the same hardware connectors that Adrian’s uses in their existing no-tools-needed products including the Rack Safety Strap and Rack Safety Net. In addition, optional carabiner hardware assemblies are available for even more protection, depending on your application.

“We are really excited to bring the new Modular Safety Netting to market,” says Steve Dew, president of Adrian’s Safety Solutions.

“Initial reactions from our material handling partners have been overwhelmingly positive, with most saying that this product is an impressive and simple solution to offer to warehouse users who have items that could fall into an area where people could be working or walking.”

This new product will be available for demo at Adrian’s ProMat 2019 booth.