Proximity notification system

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

The Raymond Corporation has added a proximity warning system to its iWAREHOUSE portfolio. The iWAREHOUSE FieldSense (iW.FieldSense) proximity notification system is designed to reinforce operator best practices, instill a mindset of continuous improvement and enhance environmental awareness.

It uses magnetic field generator (MFG) technology to see through and around most objects — including racking and corners — to alert properly equipped pedestrians and lift truck operators when they come within a predefined distance of each other. 

“We developed iWAREHOUSE FieldSense as a flexible solution, allowing users to customize the product to meet their specific needs today and then expand the system in the future,” said Steve Gorr, application manager for iWAREHOUSE Solutions at The Raymond Corporation.

“It’s designed so warehouse managers can customize it to best fit their operators, applications and facility layouts without significant infrastructure changes.” 

The vehicle-mounted MFG creates an adjustable field around each piece of mobile equipment. If a pedestrian-worn pedestrian notification device (PND) detects a field, the PND sends a notification to the MFG, which then notifies the vehicle-mounted Notification Device for the vehicle operator to see. 

Using this field, iW.FieldSense can provide three levels of awareness: 

  • Truck-to-truckWhen a vehicle-mounted MFG recognizes another MFG field from similarly equipped vehicles in close proximity, a warning light and sound is generated through the vehicle-mounted Notification Module, alerting the vehicle operator.
  • Truck-to-pedestrian: When a pedestrian-worn PND recognizes a MFG field generated by a vehicle-mounted MFG, distance is determined and a notification is generated to inform the pedestrian. The same notification is simultaneously sent back to the MFG, notifying the vehicle operator.
  • Truck-to-facility (with infrastructure option): Optional devices can be installed in sensitive areas around the facility that can detect the presence of the MFG fields, alerting vehicle operators of their close proximity to designated areas.

Additionally, iW.FieldSense can be tailored to the operation and application, with features such as: 

  • Provides a solution for free range and dynamic environments that follows lift trucks and personnel around for greater security and flexibility.
  • Vehicle hardware kits are designed for easy installation, and there are no additional software applications to learn.
  • Allows the system to be added to almost any make and model of forklift — or other vehicle.
  • Offers a reliable solution in nearly any environment, including cold storage.