Rack inspection app

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Quebec-based Damotech has launched a mobile application that supports its pallet rack inspection and maintenance management software platform.

The app lets warehouse workers conduct rack damage assessments on a smartphone or tablet. Data is synchronized from the mobile app to Damotech’s cloud-based software platform, where warehouse management can view inspection data, whether conducted in-house or by Damotech’s engineers.

“Ever-increasing operating expenses and the burden of liability are encouraging warehouse owners to find ways to improve safety while reducing maintenance costs,” said Marc Rousseau, Damotech’s warehouse safety specialist.

“Our software platform and mobile app encourage operators to document their pallet rack issues and think twice about risks. Documenting damage with the mobile app is an easy first step in gathering data to help with these decisions.”

To help prevent rack collapses, and keep people and inventory safe, users can install the app on their mobile device, walk their facilities, identify and track damage, and document it with photos. The data is synchronized to the Damotech Platform – a central location on the cloud where managers and team members in other regions can access the state of their facilities’ racking systems.

“It comes down to easing the load on warehouse managers, operations leaders, and health and safety managers. They can view a layout of each warehouse with a map of rack issues, colour-coded by severity level. Most importantly, they get insights that allow them to prioritize corrective actions. And best of all, they can monitor their efforts to restore the health of their racking systems through time,” said Derek Zakaib, chief marketing officer at Damotech.