Remote machine monitoring

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Wajax is launching TechIQ, a suite of digital technology solutions.

TechIQ’s first offering is a machine condition monitoring solution, which is built around two main components: the Wajax TechIQ Sensor and the TechIQ IoT Platform. These two tools use AI and machine learning to monitor, gauge, and ultimately improve the life and health/reliability of customers’ machines. With 24/7 expert support, this allows for proactive asset management and troubleshooting with automated alarms and notifications for efficient maintenance planning.

Offering a plug-and-play installation system, the 6-in-1 wireless sensor can be scaled and offers a battery life of up to eight years. Connecting directly to the IoT platform over a secure cloud, via WiFi or Cellular, customers and Wajax experts can keep track of machine measurements (vibration, temperature, acoustic emissions, energy consumption, etc.) while ensuring data security.

TechIQ not only allows for Wajax expert-analysis via the IoT platform, but it also provides the ability for on-the-spot assistance and support with its mixed reality wearables (via Microsoft HoloLens). This option allows for a Wajax technical expert to be on the factory floor or worksite, helping the customer diagnose and troubleshoot potential issues.

“TechIQ is an enormous step forward for Wajax in terms of how we can provide support to our customers” says Sada Haque, Wajax’s director of innovation and technology.

“This platform makes it even easier for us to be available for our customers and keep their machines constantly running. Our experts are always available for emergency troubleshooting scenarios; but with the wireless platform and mixed reality options of TechIQ, we can work with our customers safely – anywhere, anytime, for any issue big or small.”