Robot for large-scale e-commerce

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

AutoStore has added to its R5 Robot line with the R5 Pro Robot. It is designed for large-scale e-commerce operations.

“The R5 Pro augments productivity per Robot during extended operations, optimizing space usage, and reducing the total cost of ownership, ultimately enhancing the customer experience while boosting profitability,” said Carlos Fernandez, Chief Product Officer at AutoStore.

The R5 Pro is designed to meet the needs of e-commerce organizations with large-scale multi-shift operations.

By deploying the R5 Pro at a large AutoStore site, customers can reduce the number of Robots required on the same grid by up to 15 percent, when compared to using the R5 Robot, enabling better routing and enhanced system efficiency.

The use of an LTO (Lithium-Titanium Oxide) battery in the R5 Pro allows rapid charging, improving individual Robot availability during multi-shift operations.

Up to 86 perceny fewer chargers required with the LTO battery allows for more efficient use of warehouse space, accommodating additional SKU storage or reducing the required footprint. In addition, customers achieve significant cost savings related to electrical infrastructure.

AutoStore customer Tobias Sjölin, CTO, Fulfillment and logistics at Boozt, shares the customer perspective: “As a leading e-commerce company, we are always looking for new ways to optimize warehouse operations. We are excited about the R5 Pro, the latest addition to the AutoStore R5 series, which will bring tangible benefits to customers with large AutoStore systems that require speed.” 

“Being able to reduce charging time during multi-shift operations offers great potential for improved productivity. The projected higher productivity per robot means we would need significantly fewer robots and chargers to achieve our required throughput – and also enable us to fit more SKUs within our existing Grid. But in the end, it’s all about the total cost of ownership. All these incremental savings add up over time and allow us to remain competitive.”