Service options for refrigerated containers

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

The BluEdge service platform is now available from Carrier Transicold’s dealer network across Canada.

technician working on equipmentCarrier’s BluEdge service platform offers three tiers of service that provides customers with a range of options, and adds augmented capabilities when integrated with Carrier Transicold’s eSolutions monitoring system.

“Maintaining the integrity of the cold chain is more important than ever, and the BluEdge service platform is designed to maximize uptime of truck and trailer refrigeration systems so that food, pharmaceuticals, biologics and other refrigerated goods move efficiently and reliably,” said Stuart Johnson, BluEdge commercial lead, Carrier Transicold.

The three tiers are Core, Enhance and Elite. Core supplements the original equipment factory warranty with extended coverage for major components, the entire system, or a more customized approach based on customer preferences. Enhance provides scheduled preventive maintenance inspections with proactive replacement of parts such as belts, starters and alternators. Elite protects through extended warranties plus preventive maintenance services.

All three BluEdge tiers offer parts pricing protection, expert diagnostics and repairs by factory-trained technicians at Carrier Transicold dealer locations. Depending on the tier selected, customers may add certain optional features, such as overtime and call-out coverage for emergency repairs, proactive inspections and centralized billing.

“The BluEdge program gives our fleet tremendous advantages, including extended warranty support from Carrier Transicold dealers throughout the nation,” said David Freymiller, CEO of Freymiller Inc., a refrigerated hauler based in Oklahoma City.

The fleet chose BluEdge Core coverage for its most recent acquisition of 190 X4 7300 trailer refrigeration units installed by Carrier Transicold dealer W&B Service Co. The extended major-component coverage is customized with a five-year transferable warranty that Freymiller said provides “improved equipment value when it’s time to cycle out our used assets and peace of mind for trailer buyers.”

For fleets that use Carrier Transicold’s cloud-based eSolutions remote monitoring system, the BluEdge platform adds enhanced benefits not previously available thanks to the eSolutions system’s ability to monitor and analyze refrigeration unit equipment operation, in addition to logging temperatures and geographic information.

“When this diagnostic information is integrated with BluEdge service packages, dealers can proactively identify maintenance issues before they become problems for a fleet, which helps maximize uptime,” explained Carrier Transicold’s Johnson.

“Additionally, fleets can receive comprehensive access to their equipment service and repair data through the cloud, and they receive savings up to 10 percent on their BluEdge coverage.”