Shuttle for high-density storage

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

WEST CHICAGO, Illinois – APEX Companies has launched a new Peak Shuttle System for high-density, semi-automated pallet storage and retrieval.

It is designed for high-volume SKU, full pallet storage and fulfillment. The PEAK Shuttle provides fast operator access to deep-lane storage, while reducing potential rack and product load damage.

Operators load pallets into the aisle face position of a deep storage lane design (up to 40 pallets deep).  Then the low-profile PEAK Shuttle, running on rails below the pallet, automatically transports pallets into the lane, stopping inches from the prior pallet load, and places the load down on the pallet support rails. The automated shuttle then returns to the load-aisle position to receive the next pallet.

The unload process is the reverse. However, the system can also be configured to enable flow through, similar to pallet flow, allowing for loading and unloading on either side. The shuttles are operated via easy to use remote controllers and use the latest lithium battery technology.

The PEAK shuttle systems reduce the number of forklift operators, equipment and travel time required to operate versus traditional deep-lane storage systems.

“This type of high-speed, high-density solution is perfect as demand for greater storage capacity, faster inventory turns, more-efficient order processing and shipment loading increases,” says Gregg Hague, president of Apex Automation Solutions.

“PEAK has the ability to adapt and scale with greater flexibility to meet today’s fulfillment demands vs. other traditional high-density storage systems.”

PEAK is designed to facilitate both First-In/First-Out (FIFO) and Last-In/First-Out (LIFO) inventory rotation. Both labour costs and rack damage are reduced by isolating forklift interaction to the aisle face – no driving into the rack for put-away and retrieval or product loads touching one another.