On-site maintenance for distribution operations

by MM&D Online Staff

Intelligrated has introduced resident maintenance program for high-velocity distribution operations. This program places certified technicians on-site full-time to handle material handling system and facility maintenance functions, provide guaranteed uptime, extend the life of equipment and lower total maintenance costs.

Depending on facility size and staffing level, Intelligrated’s resident maintenance program guarantees uptime between 97 and 99 percent. With Intelligrated taking responsibility for system maintenance, operations staff can focus on strategic planning, product flow and peak performance, rather than lubrication schedules and wiring checks.

On-site maintenance is said to help reduce operating costs.
On-site maintenance is said to help reduce operating costs.

Intelligrated assumes responsibility for labor recruitment, training and retention for each program, and guards system knowledge by cataloging vital information among a broad base of system experts and databases. This alleviates the burden of hiring and training new technical staff as maintenance regulations and requirements evolve, leaving operations less vulnerable to employee turnover and the limited availability of skilled maintenance personnel. Services can also extend to components beyond the installed base of material handling equipment, with some operations using resident maintenance technicians for all facility systems.

Intelligrated’s resident maintenance technicians leverage a facility’s existing computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or set up new CMMS software integrated with ERP and WCS systems to track each facility asset and ensure efficient management throughout its lifecycle. A CMMS tracks maintenance status, equipment use, run time and expected individual component wear, to guide decisions on maintenance activities and equipment performance.

To calculate potential savings from a contracted resident maintenance program, operations can consider sales volume, downtime, employees, hours worked and wage structure.

“For instance, a facility operating 4,500 hours per year with four percent downtime could reduce downtime by 56.25 hours with a resident maintenance uptime guarantee,” said Kieran Ryan, director, field services. “This results in more than $1.25 million in annual savings from downtime alone, with a further $500,000 saved through restructuring in-house maintenance costs.”