Small parcel shipping to Canada

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

GEODIS has expanded its GEODIS MyParcel product, the company’s direct-to-customer cross-border delivery offering, with a new Air Zone Skip Service from the U.S. to Canada.

First launched in 2020, GEODIS MyParcel is a small parcel delivery service from the U.S. to 26 European continental countries, the UK and Canada.

The new Air Zone Skip Service is now available and will provide U.S. retail shippers with a faster and more streamlined method to ship into Canada, with the goal of continuing to expand this capability into new geographic regions in the future.

The service consolidates individual shipments via air transport with final delivery to the end consumer, bypassing multiple touchpoints. The service includes full end-to-end tracking visibility and management over the entire shipping process from pick up to customs clearance through last-mile delivery.

It is now available for all 10 provinces.

“Zone skipping can be an extremely beneficial strategy for high-volume e-Commerce shippers who are looking to increase operational efficiencies, lower shipping costs per package and reduce transit times,” said Michael Lamia, Senior Vice President of GEODIS MyParcel and GEODIS eLogistics.

“As e-Commerce shippers continue to navigate consumer expectations for faster speeds, it is vital to work with a trusted logistics partner with a full breadth of expertise across air, ocean, road and last mile—including alternative shipping methods like zone skipping—to remain competitive in today’s dynamic market.”  

The cross-border B2C e-Commerce market is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of roughly 25.1% through 2028. According to Statista, retail e-Commerce in Canada has generated nearly $67 billion in revenue in 2022 and is expected to increase to more than $103 billion by 2025. . 

“Simply put, GEODIS MyParcel provides domestic e-Commerce brands with a simple way to go global,” said Lamia. “Whether shipping to Canada, the UK or our 26 designated European countries, GEODIS MyParcel allows brands to continue growing their e-Commerce business on a global scale by offering the right balance between speed and price to provide a seamless delivery experience to customers.” 

GEODIS plans to make several key expansions into new geographical areas for GEODIS MyParcel in early 2023 and beyond.