Drop tray sorter

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Interroll has launched a new drop tray sorter, the Split Tray Sorter MT015S.

The new product can be used as a flexible addition to existing sortation solutions, for example in the fashion industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and for parcel service providers.

The new Split Tray Sorter is designed for long service and fast payback times for the automatic sortation of conveyed goods weighing up to 12 kilograms.

They are particularly suited for system integrators who want to implement e-commerce or omnichannel strategies. The new Split Tray Sorter in combination with Interroll’s crossbelt sorters can separate small parts sortation from other transport goods.

“Because short project lead times give our customers a decisive competitive advantage, we focused not only on technical performance and quality but also on very short delivery times for our customers,” says Steffen Flender, managing director of Interroll Automation GmbH.

“This includes the fact that the system already has a modular and configurable machine control system. This allows it to be commissioned easily, quickly and safely and then connected to customers’ respective goods management system,” said Florian Funk, global product manager for sorters at Interroll.

In addition, the systems offer the possibility of recording, visualizing, and processing the operating status in real time and generating helpful operating data – important prerequisites for predictive maintenance and Industry 4.0 applications.

The system is modular and flexible. In addition, the supply of goods to the sorter can be easily automated by the optional Interroll Top Loader, which is based on infeed conveyors for the crossbelt sorters. In combination with the Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) and a zero-pressure- accumulation connection to labeling or packaging machines, this solution can even be used to automate downstream work processes from picking to shipping.

“With the Split Tray Sorter, we now offer an innovative solution in the basic segment. We will continue to consistently drive the expansion and deepening of our sorter platform,” says Flender.