Stärke stability

by MM&D Online Staff
The Starke Stability System
The Starke Stability System

The Stärke Continuous Stability System reduces incidence of tipping while turning corners, or travelling on uneven surfaces.

A fixed drive wheel supported by two cantilevered, spring loaded casters are in constant contact with the ground, supporting the stability of the lift truck and its load.

The Stärke Continuous Stability feature offers improved control over competitor fixed stop supports, which sit off the ground and wear quickly over time. Fixed stops are also prone to becoming caught up on rough or uneven floors, causing sudden stops, precipitating falling merchandise and possible damages and safety hazards, where the Stärke casters move over the terrain with a smooth and steady flow.

Stärke claims theirs is the most stable electric pallet truck on the market, offering added protection against product damage while in transit.

An adjustable riser rod alters the height of the wheels with a simple nut adjustment. Stärke also uses metal components, rather than plastic, allowing for less wearable parts, and less down-time.