Temperature control trailer bodies

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Wabash has introduced Wabash Acutherm, a new line of trailers for temperature control.

The product line consists of Wabash Acutherm refrigerated van trailers with EcoNex Technology, Acutherm refrigerated freight delivery bodies, Acutherm refrigerated freight delivery bodies with EcoNex Technology, Acutherm sanitary tank trailers and Acutherm refrigerated cargo van inserts.

The company expects to add more thermal solutions under the Acutherm sub-brand in the future.

Wabash Acutherm solutions with EcoNex Technology provide sustainability benefits. Their lighter weight, thermal advantages and insulative benefits do not require sacrifice in structural integrity—making ideal substitutes for thermal products constructed with traditional materials such as steel, aluminum and wood.

Wabash Acutherm’s debut follows the company’s expansion of EcoNex Technology production at its Little Falls, Minn., facility in September, which includes a US$20 million investment and more than 200 new jobs by the end of 2023.