Temperature-controlled container for pharmaceutical transport 

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Tower Cold Chain has released KTEvolution, – a lightweight temperature-control container for the pharmaceutical, life-science and biotech industries.

KTEvolution will be launched in 26- and 57-litre sizes.

With up to 120 hours of protection time, KTEvolution will be launched in 26- and 57-litre sizes, which can easily be carried by 1 or 2 people.

It will be available across a full temperature range and is for the transportation of products that require an internal temperature of -70°c, -20°c, +5°c, +20°C. The range of Tower products has demonstrated fewer than 0.1 percent temperature excursions on average (data supported from over 25,000 shipments).  

The container is kept light through the use of light fixtures and fittings, notably a light-weight webbing system which runs around the external body of the container. Designed with integral handles attached at the top (which can be folded into the container surface when not in use), this custom-built harness provides an even distribution of load to simplify manual handling.  


The container can keep products cold for 120+ hours without external power or human intervention during transit. The integrated temperature display shows that the container has been properly pre-conditioned to meet requirements.

Built in datalogging provides real-time confirmation of internal temperature and on-delivery sign-off. It can be connected with smart technology solutions such as location, temperature, shock and impact monitoring.

With recyclable polyethlene foam in critical areas to protect against potential damage through impact during transportation, the KTEvolution is a hard-shelled completely sealed unit. It is fully weatherproof and washable T

The KTE is available for pre-order now and will be in stock and available in Americas as well as EMEA and APAC from July 2022.