Warehouse design and simulation

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

In the age of digitization, the days of hand-drawn and computer-generated drawings are numbered. inconsoClass is logistics software specialist inconso’s warehouse design and simulation solution for the simplified 3D layout planning of warehouses and yards.

It has intuitive menu and user assistance, which makes simulation scenarios possible without detailed prior knowledge. Users have access to object libraries with basic elements, e.g. for building envelopes, truck docks, floors and storage systems.

The processes commonly used in manual warehouses are predefined and only need to be parameterized and modified for the particular environment. Afterwards, the program generates 2D and 3D views. Finally, it creates dynamic videos of the storage process.

Statistics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to simulate continuous optimization in the model. Heatmaps provide information about hot spots in the warehouse, enabling inconsoClass to analyze and verify process efficiency as well as exactly calculate the costs of the simulated measures.

The analysis increases the information available on which to base decisions concerning warehouse and yard management. When the measures are implemented in an live operation, the results can be traced and further optimized by including the actual data in the model.

The solution can be integrated with existing warehouse management systems via standardized interfaces.