Water is no problem for this dock restraint

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Brampton, Ontario – Blue Giant is promoting a water resistant dock restraint as a means to combat the effects of climate change on your loading docks.

Many areas of the country have been experiencing wet weather this summer, and Blue Giant says its StrongArm HVR303 electric vehicle restraint has a completely upgraded IP67 motor that can be submersed in up to one metre of water without failing. This expanded ability to hold trailers securely in place even in wet and flooded conditions makes the HVR303 one of the most versatile vehicle restraint offerings to date.

The HVR303 complies with standards set by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines. Its electro-mechanical rotating hook is capable of securing a wide variety of trailers, including those with bent or damaged ICC bars, and uses spring-based mechanical compensation float to match motion-related variations in trailer height.

Once locked, the HVR303 employs a restraining force of 32,000 pounds (14,545 kilos) to reduce the risk of employee injury, forklift damage, and other dangers associated with unscheduled truck departure.

Designed to comply with ANSI MH30.3, the HVR303 is powered by electricity instead of hydraulic oil. When interlocked with an air-powered dock leveler, the result is a ‘green’ loading dock solution that can help a project qualify for LEED accreditation.

The HVR303 is controlled by the Blue Genius Gold Series II Touch Control Panel, which includes an LCD menu screen and a flat-surface buttons and keypad with unique touch sensors. Interior and exterior LED lights keep drivers and warehouse personnel advised of safety conditions.

Blue Giant also says the HVR303 is easy to install and eco-friendly.