Weigh pallets while on the jack

by MM&D Online Staff

YellowJacket_U_ShapedThe Yellow Jacket U-Shaped floor scale decreases weighing times by up to 50 percent in applications utilizing pallet jacks, according to its maker, Fairbanks Scales, Inc. This scale is an alternative to traditional floor scales in manufacturing and warehouse applications where floor space is at a premium.

The Yellow Jacket U-Shaped floor scale allows material handlers to capture the weight of standard and non-standard pallets and skids without removing the pallet jack. Operators can simply move the pallet into place over the scale, lower the pallet jack so the load is resting on the scale, capture the weight, and then raise the pallet jack to easily move the pallet or skid to its next location. This scale reduces weighing times by eliminating the step of pulling the pallet jack out from underneath the pallet, a difficult task with traditional ramped floor scales.

The scale is 2.4 inches tall, making it the lowest profile floor scale or U-shaped floor scale available. Unlike traditional floor scales that require either a ramp or pit, the scale allows for fast, easy and cost-effective installation. This rugged scale also features easy to use built-in handles, portable wheel kit, and quick-disconnect accessories, making it highly portable.

The scale has a 5,000 lb capacity and meets or exceeds the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s specifications, tolerances and requirements for weighing devices.