Wireless forktruck tether

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by Emily Atkins

The Raymond Corporation has introduced the Integrated Tether System, a first-of-a-kind operator assist tool designed to alert operators and managers and to limit lift truck functionality if an operator is not properly tethered.

The Raymond Integrated Tether System will prevent the vehicle from operating if driver not properly tethered.

The wireless connection in the Integrated Tether System is compatible with Raymond lift trucks, is unique in the marketplace, and offers  data-gathering capabilities that can help reinforce best practices with all operators.

“Over the last several years, facility owners and managers have had to deal with increasing the number of operators in the warehouses and the need to reinforce and monitor best practices,” said Shannon Curtis, product manager at The Raymond Corporation.

“As a result, managers are looking for technology-based offerings that can help assist managers with these ever-increasing demands.”

The Integrated Tether System features a smart tether that uses a sensor to connect to and communicate with the lift truck and offers audio and visual notifications to alert the operator of tether status — connected or disconnected.

When operators pair Raymond lift trucks and Raymond iWAREHOUSE and iMONITOR Telematics, the lift truck will respond in one of two ways: when the operator’s harness is properly connected to the self-retracting lanyard (SRL), the lift truck retains full travel speed and full lift-height capability; or if the operator is not properly connected, the lift truck limits travel speed to 1.6 kmh and disables lift capability.

The system will still share audio and visual notifications to operators if a tether connection has not been properly made.

In addition to controlling lift truck functionality, the Integrated Tether System offers reporting capabilities through iWAREHOUSE and iMONITOR Telematics, allowing managers to simplify workforce management and training by providing data and metrics on operator connection histories, system involvements, and more.

“That’s what sets the Raymond Integrated Tether System apart,” Curtis said. “Wireless integration with iWAREHOUSE Telematics means the tether is less expensive to integrate and there are fewer parts to maintain. Factor in the data-reporting capabilities, and the Integrated Tether System becomes an easy choice for facilities that frequently hire new or inexperienced operators.”

The Integrated Tether System offers full functionality when used with iWAREHOUSE Telematics and Raymond Very Narrow Aisle Equipment; 5300, 5400, 5500, and 5600 models and the Raymond 9600 and 9700 Swing-Reach Trucks. Operators can use the Integrated Tether System with a full-body harness and an SRL.