Canada and UAE expand air agreement

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by Emily Atkins

Canada and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have signed an expanded air transport agreement.

The expanded agreement allows 21 flights per week for each country. The UAE is Canada’s largest air transport market in the Middle East.

This will permit 50 percent more flights than the maximum number previously possible, facilitate new routes, and give airlines greater flexibility to accommodate changes in market demand.

This significant move will better accommodate the growing Canada-UAE air transport market, improve Canada’s global connectivity, and support tourism and trade activity between the two countries.

The new rights under the expanded agreement are available for use by airlines immediately.┬áThis new agreement is also aligned with Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy since the UAE serves as a hub for many flights to Asia.

“This expansion of the CanadaUnited Arab Emirates air transport agreement will improve Canada’s international connectivity and enhance people-to-people and commercial links,” said transport minister Omar Alghabra.

“As we continue to support the recovery of the Canadian air industry, we are pleased that this expanded agreement will benefit a larger number of Canadian travellers, industry stakeholders, and workers in Canada’s air sector.”

Canada’s air transport agreement with the UAE was concluded in 1999, expanded in 2018, and again in April 2023.

Expansion of the agreement was guided by Canada’s Blue Sky policy, which encourages long-term, sustainable competition and the development of international air services.