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New loyalty program for Ryder commercial rental customers in Canada

February 10, 2015

MIAMI, Fla.—Ryder System Inc. has announced a new commercial rental customer loyalty program, Ryder RedZone, that is now available for its Canadian customers. The new reward program provides Canadian Ryder rental customers with a better, easier, and convenient way to earn points and rewards for each rental dollar they spend, said a release.

To participate, customers can simply sign up at and continue to rent regularly to earn points. The Ryder RedZone website is available to Canadian customers in both French Canadian and English languages. Participants can choose to redeem points from a selection of hundreds of lifestyle, sports, and Ryder branded merchandise options such as consumer electronics, travel gear, and home and garden supplies. Once ready to redeem points, Ryder RedZone members are able to review redemption points online, make selections, and have items shipped to them directly. Also, those who enroll and participate in monthly opinion polls will have 50 points per poll added to their account. The customer feedback achieved through these surveys helps Ryder improve its products, services, and value provided to its customers, the company said.

Each month, Ryder RedZone members earn ten percent of their organization’s net rental spend in points. Hassle-free electronic statements make it easy for members to track their points, without having to deal with an annual membership card. Ryder RedZone is currently available to U.S. customers as well, offering the industry’s only rewards program to all Ryder rental customers in North America. Since Ryder RedZone was initially launched in the United States, over 12,000 rental customers have enrolled.