Ottawa to study train engine video and voice recorders

by MM&D Online Staff

OTTAWA, Ontario—Transport Canada will begin working with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) to conduct a joint safety study on locomotive voice and video recorders.

In collaboration with the TSB, Transport Canada will explore how voice and video recorders can be used to provide data to accident investigators and improve safety.  This study will inform the basis of any‎ regulatory or legislative changes that may be developed to improve rail safety through the use of this technology.

Voice recordings have been used in the aviation industry for more than three decades.

In March 2015, the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities recommended that Transport Canada require the use of voice and video recordings as part of a railway company’s safety management system.

When an accident occurs, TSB investigators need objective data to understand what happened and how a similar situation can be prevented. Voice and video recordings would provide the TSB with the information needed to fully understand how crews communicate and act immediately before an accident.

The Government of Canada believes that voice and video recorders, coupled with strong safety management systems, will help railways better manage safety and prevent accidents from happening.

Transport Canada will consult Canadians, the railway industry, other levels of government, and partners so that they can provide feedback on the way forward.