Road and highway projects planned for Montreal port

by MM&D staff

MONTREAL, Quebec—The Montreal Port Authority is undertaking two projects designed to improve the flow of truck traffic in and out of the port.

An extension is being added to l’Assomption Boulevard which will grant access direct access to the highway system for trucks leaving the port.

As well, a new ramp is being constructed leading south from Highway 25. This off-ramp, which is located before the entrance to the Hyppolyte-Lafontaine tunnel, will take trucks directly to the new common entry truck portal at the corner of Notre-Dame and de Boucherville streets. The northbound entrance ramp leading from the port to Highway 25 is also being reconfigured.

Currently approximately 1,500 trucks move through this section of the port on a daily basis.

“The fluidity of goods transportation on and next to ports is a crucial element of the supply chain,” said Sylvie Vachon, president and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority. “These two projects will allow the Port of Montreal, the trucking industry and all port partners and clients to further improve operational efficiency and make the Montreal supply chain even more effective.”