Walmart supercube saga

by MM&D staff

TORONTO, Ontario—Ever since Walmart Canada Corp introduced a new tractor trailer configuration that can carry 40 percent more cargo, the units have been the talk of the trucking industry.

MM&D has tracked the story as it has developed, and will continue to follow it as long as new information and opinions emerge.

Here is a chronological round-up of our coverage:

November 6 ,2012
Walmart unveils the split-level trailer and cab-over-engine with drome box tractor design.

November 9, 2012
The Ontario Trucking Association expresses concerns about the tractor trailers, the pilot project that will put them on the road, and who will be responsible for them.

November 12
The Ontario Ministry of Transportation addresses some of the issues raised about the operation of the units.

November 13
MM&D obtains document that seems to contradict the position of the MTO.

November 13
MTO issues notice clarifying its position and addressing the document.

February 8, 2013
MM&D shoots the first known photos of a supercube on the highway.