Taking stock: Keeping up with the times

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by Emily Atkins
Emily Atkins

Exciting times are here.

I’m really delighted to be sharing our new name and design with you at last. This project has been in the works for quite a while, taking plenty of planning, consultation and brainstorming

Our relaunch as Inside Logistics is timely, dovetailing with the rapidly accelerating pace of advancement in DC and warehousing technology. We are now at the forefront of a new wave of automation, with robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more, all coming together as “Industry 4.0”, the “Internet of Things”, or “Supply Chain 4.0”, depending where you sit.

With the environment offering so much promise, we decided it was time to bring our brand and appearance into the 21st century, and up to speed. I think we nailed it. Our new name, Inside Logistics, captures the essence of what we do, bringing you the inside story on the new and trending logistics processes and technologies in distribution centres and warehouses throughout Canada and around the world.

The look is clean, fresh and bold. Our design team of Catherine McKenny, Tim Norton and art director Barb Burrows all deserve huge applause for their creativity and dedication in making Inside Logistics an eye-catching creation.

Inside the covers we will continue to be the Canadian source for the information you need to help do your supply chain operations job cost-effectively and efficiently. With our case studies we aim to show you how your peers have successfully surmounted challenges by employing new technologies and techniques. Our regular columnists will continue to bring fresh insight into safety, leadership and professional development, while our new Upfront & Personal interview will uncover what makes a supply chain leader tick.

This rebranding was launched by former publisher Nick Krukowski, who I would like to thank for his push to innovate, and for several great years working together. All of us wish him well in his new endeavors.

To help make Inside Logistics even better, I’d like to invite you all to join in. We welcome your feedback, story ideas and contributions to our Supply Chain Smarts column. I can be reached at emily@newcom.ca. I really look forward to hearing your ideas!