Taking Stock: Diving Inside Logistics

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by Emily Atkins
Emily Atkins has been editor of MM&D Magazine since 2002.

We’re about the take the plunge.

In the next couple of months we will be making an exciting change in this magazine. In case the headline didn’t give it away, it’s about the name. We are updating it to better reflect the subject matter we report on, and the trends in our industry.

Starting in June 2018, MM&D magazine will be reborn as Inside Logistics, Canada’s Supply Chain Magazine. The team is already hard at work designing a new logo, refreshing the look inside the covers and making sure that our editorial is on point, fresh and timely.

After 63 years, and several iterations of names aligned with the theme of materials handling, Materials Management & Distribution has become too clunky a handle, and frankly, no longer representative of how our industry operates. That’s why we strongly believe that Inside Logistics is a great new name.

We cover what goes on inside distribution operations, from the family-run warehousing business (see this issue’s case study feature on Ontario Refrigerated Services, “Expanding in the cold”, for example) to the multinational retailer (December 2017’s “Yes, we have bananas” all about WalMart’s Cornwall, Ontario DC). If it takes place within the walls of a warehouse, DC or distribution operation, we want to share it with you.

As well, we have the inside line on industry news, trends and developments and we are here to share the news with you.

Inside Logistics will continue to deliver the quality editorial you know and expect from this magazine. We will have case studies looking at how Canadian businesses are solving their logistics challenges, more of the in-depth features exploring the trends driving warehousing and distribution, and practical tips on how you can implement best practices in your own operation. In short – and as always – it will offer a toolkit of information to help you do your job inside logistics with more insight and more efficiently.

And, as always, we continue to value your input, story ideas and suggestions!

As we make the transition to our new name in the coming months, we hope you’ll join us, Inside Logistics.