Advanced analytics

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee – Kenco Logistics has introduced DaVinci AI, a product that provides advanced analytics  across the entire supply chain.

Within warehouse operations, DaVinci AI can be used to manage volume fluctuations to improve inventory management, and assess market volatility to prescribe a labour plan. Within the material handling arena, the product can predict equipment failure from factors impacting maintenance to prevent lost time and productivity.

Ensuring on-time delivery, the software predicts service failures in the transportation network across all modes and carriers.

According to Kenco, the program has already produced over US$1M in annual savings within customer operations.

The system uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). It can use both structured and unstructured data from non-traditional sources, such as weather and traffic information, or simple files from traditional sources, such as Excel, to create predictive models within several areas of the supply chain.

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is felt across the globe, outages, closures, product scarcity, and labour shortages are a reality for many in the supply chain. Through advanced analytics products supply chains can not only respond intelligently to disruption but prepare and consistently deliver throughout the disruption. Kenco’s DaVinci AI solution predicted highly accurate outcomes through proprietary algorithms from the very beginning of the pandemic, illustrating the powerful nature of the product.