IoT data dashboard

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Bell Business Markets has introduced an “as-a-service” IoT aggregation solution designed for fleet and supply chain operators.

The new platform, Smart Supply Chain powered by Bell IoT Smart Connect, aggregates multiple IoT data sources and operational data sets into a single dashboard accessible through Bell’s Self Serve Centre.

As organizations implement more IoT solutions into their supply chain, they need to aggregate and manage the data. Bell IoT Smart Connect offers a unified view of a company’s fleet, including trucks, trailers, drivers and the temperature of cargo, to optimize and automate tracking and management. With one dashboard, fleet operators can view all events, incidents and alerts and provide near real-time status updates to customers while ensuring cargo and drivers safely reach their destination on time.

“Even before the recent supply chain shocks, Canadian businesses were adopting data-driven solutions to improve their operational efficiency. Connected Internet of Things (IoT) solutions like fleet management and cold chain monitoring enable real-time awareness so that better decisions can be made faster, saving time and reducing waste,” said Nigel Wallis, VP IoT at IDC Canada.

“Resiliency is now more important than ever to freight, logistics and other supply chain participants and IoT will be a crucial building block in that process.”

Smart Supply Chain powered by Bell IoT Smart Connect features:

  • Cold chain monitoring to automatically record temperature levels and provide near real-time alerts when they fall outside safe ranges while cargo is in transit;
  • A driver scorecard that aggregates telematics data and optional video analytics to monitor and rate the behaviour of individual drivers and teams;
  • Fleet management by pairing fleet management data with operational data, so that fleet managers and dispatchers can optimize operations and prevent issues.

Smart Supply Chain sends data gathered from sensors installed in trucks and trailers to the IoT Smart Connect cloud-based platform over the Bell LTE network.